10% of your mobile spend goes to Viva! - at no extra cost to you!

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Passionate about stopping animal cruelty?  Now you can support the work of Viva!…simply by using your mobile phone!

Switch to Donate Mobile – a complete mobile phone service offering everything you’d expect, with one BIG difference – each month 10% of your mobile spend goes directly to Viva!…at no extra cost to you!

How Donate Mobile works in 90 seconds…


Wondering how the 10% works?

Well, we’ve worked hard to keep our costs down so we can support good causes. There’s no extra charge on your bill, no surplus on our price plans – we simply let you give a bit of what would otherwise be ours to your favourite charity.

Wondering about the important things?

little-tick Great coverage: We offer 98% coverage using of the UK’s biggest networks.
Check out our coverage map

little-tick Good deals: Our prices stand up to those of other providers – and we’ll match your price plan!
See our price plans

little-tick To keep your number: It’s easy to switch and keep your number with just a few simple steps.
Find out how this works

little-tick A friendly team: We’re a helpful bunch, who always have time to talk. Why not give us a call.
Find our contact details

So how do I join?

Switching to Donate Mobile is easier than it sounds. Yes, there’s a bit of effort involved, but we’re here to help (and with Viva! benefiting each month, we reckon it’s worth it).
Click here to find out how to switch.

Whether you order one of our SIM cards to use in your existing phone or get a new phone and SIM card from us – every call, text or email will be raising funds for Viva! (now that’s a nice feeling).

I’m interested – show me your plans

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